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Building, earthmoving equipment rentals and aggregate supply



Our building division covers a range of construction projects including retail centres, residential buildings, office accommodation and industrial facilities.

We also strive towards a WIN-WIN approach when it comes to the construction of affordable housing by government or private clients, by offering a one stop solution. Survey, Service and Build.


We supply building sand, gravel (G5, G6, G7) and concrete stones (13mm, 19mm).


We have made sure to invest in plant and equipment. This puts us in the favourable position of being able to offer any of our clients a very competitive project price because there is no need to outsource or rent plant or equipment. We are also able to hire out our equipment to other companies.

We rent earthmoving machinery including water dozers, tipper trucks, roll- compactors, excavators, graders, front-end loaders, forklifts and many more.

We have a very strong policy when it comes to the maintenance of our plant, ensuring that it is ready for work and compliant with all safety and operating standards.

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